Dani W + Drew Virtual Tour Experience Online

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Virtual road trip! Let's travel up the west coast in an ambulance RV to the release of a new song called "CANADA"! As things get sweeter with time, you'll visit 5 major cities and land in Vancouver, Canada for the official release of the song and official music video! OUT NOW on daniwdrewmusic.com

The new Dani W + Drew website is your guide and free ticket to ride! Shop the gift shop for road trip souveniers! Plus, experience new sites each leg of the virtual tour.

Tour takes place...virtually on all our social media pages so you'll never have a dull moment to ask, "Are we there yet?" All our links: https://linktr.ee/Daniwdrewmusic Instagram / TikTok / Twitch: @DaniWDrewMusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaniwDrewmusic/