Part V FINALE: Southwest Revival Tour * Saguaro* Tales from the Revival Ambulance

Tales from the Ambulance

I didn't think it was strange until I started telling my friends and seeing their facial reactions..."'re taking an ambulance to a Ghost Town in Texas?..."    

Well, when you put it that way....   

Under the umbrella of Roots Revival Co., a new online magazine Revival Music Magazine launched at Bandit Town Austin Bound, a Ghost Town music festival outside of Austin, TX in a little town called Manor. Pronounced (May-nor) to locals.   

Coincidentally, Revival Mag acquired and decking out an out-of-state vintage Ambulance before the tour to TX.  We partnered up for what we call the SouthWest Revival Tour through Texas and Arizona!  We made some incredible stops along the way while respectively promoting the launch of Revival Music magazine and Roots Revival Co. handmade goods, and the release of my new single "Legacy" and my jewelry line ONYX xoxo.  After the first day, I forgot we were riding in an ambulance...however that was short lived due to the many curious faces along the roadside and pretty much everywhere we went.  Oh that's right, I remembered...Even border patrol was shocked by the choice of emergency tour vehicle!    

I'm very excited to share moments from the tour with you...some of the main stops include: SXSW, The Ghost Town, Marfa, TX, White Sands National Park, Saguaro National Park...  


PART V: TODAY we visit Saguaro National Park in Arizona!

While we were on the way there, we added numerous activities to the bucket list including this national park which is truly another gem, especially on a clear day like this....

Share a bucket list item with us in the comments below at the end of this blog.

'LEGACY'!!! Yay for the next generation outlook.

Howdy and farewell for now! We have arrived back at home base ya'll!  On this trip, we successfully captured music features for Revival Music Magazine, photo shoots for the Dani W project, promoted the forthcoming Dani W album, made exceptional connections and arrived home safely, as one should do in an emergency vehicle. 

We cherished the journey and have happily reached our destination!

Thank you for tuning into the Tales from an Ambulance the second Southwest Revival Tour,sponsored by Roots Revival Co. and ONYX xoxo.

The End and the Beginning of something new awaits us.

What lies ahead you ask?
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